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Cooking on Campus


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More Cooking on Campus Hands-On Classes coming this fall!



Campus Health Service 621-5700

Campus Health Student Health Advisory Committee

At the Hands-On Classes, the SHAC Chefs team up with nutrition expert Gale Welter, from Campus Health Service, to inspire you to cook. These classes give you a unique opportunity to build confidence in the kitchen by creating, and tasting, deliciously healthy meals. You'll learn what to shop for on a student budget, develop the cooking skills that you need and get answers to your burning nutrition questions from people who are passionate about great-tasting food!

Check out our blog at where you can hear from our chefs and get free access to all of our delicious recipes!

For more questions and comments contact Gale Welter or Hana Feeney at Campus Health Service, 520-621-5700

Find tons more food and nutrition information at UA Campus Health Service.

Interested in renting our kitchen? Contact the Facilities Coordinator at (520) 621-9540.

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